What includedes

Our Family Meals are made of 3 parts:

Soup or salad


Complement or side

Each day you will choose 1 soup or salad, 1 entree and either 1 big complement or 2 small ones.

5 days minimum order

How it works

1718 Family Meals

We understand that having healthy and delicious meals every day is a LOT of work and it is time-consuming, that is why we have created a family meal system that will remove the hustle of grocery shopping and cooking.

With 1718 Family Meals you will submit your weekly selections like if you were in a restaurant and we will cook them for you and have them ready for pick up or deliver them directly to your door every day.

You can either do it online here in SUBMIT MY WEEK or you can download the Week meal sheet and upload it, send it by email or give it directly to us at the moment of the delivery or pick up.

We need to have your weekly order no later than 2:00 pm the Sunday before.


If you are interested in ordering for more than 4 members please give us a call

20626 Stone Oak Parkway Suite 103 San Antonio Texas 78258


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